WRC-UK can draw on the expertise of the team gained from 16 years of experience on some of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe. The teams experience comes from acting as both the client and the contractor so WRC-UK understand how best to integrate and co-ordinate with other site works to make dealing with us as easy and hassle free as possible.

The major projects the team have worked on include nuclear, major infrastructure and residential developments which require the best processes and controls to be implemented for successful delivery. WRC-UK are bringing these skills and expertise to benefit smaller scale projects by selecting the right processes and adapting them so they can deliver the best possible value and quality to our clients.

WRC-UK prides itself on innovation and problem solving which is why we always encourage our clients to get us involved as early in a project as possible to allow us to assist them with design development which will aid the construction efficiency and ultimately save them time and money.

Our Mission

WRC-UK want to use as much innovation and excellent expertise as we can to make ground works as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

WRC-UK are not the same as all the other ground works contractors, we want to change the way things are done for the better.

We know from experience what processes work well for reducing waste and improving efficiency. A big key to that is implementing a right first time approach to our construction works where we focus on quality assurance not just quality control. What this means is WRC-UK implement systems to prevent defects in construction way before works on site even start. For example we have a material selection process that ensures that our supply chain can consistently deliver the correct material as per the designers specification and which conforms to all the relevant industry quality standards. We ensure we can trace all our delivered materials back to that supplier and that we arrange on site testing arrangements to ensure compliance where required.

Like any business our staff are the key to success so WRC-UK assess all personnel to ensure they are all suitably trained and experienced to allow them to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively on a project before commencing work on it. As part of our in house training we actively promote lessons learned on not only health and safety but quality as well. This approach means WRC-UK as a company are constantly improving to deliver a better service to our customers.

We are currently developing two structural systems that has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions through requiring less earthworks and transport as well as using far less material resources We hope to have initial trials complete in the next few months so watch this space!

How we might be able to help you


You are looking to construct a new build eco house on a brown field site using offsite manufacturing.

We can work with you early on to assess the site, identify potential constrains such as existing services or ground conditions then suggest solutions to overcome them.

We can assist in the selection of the best type of foundations for the ground conditions.

We can then produce a logistics plan and crane strategy to enable you to deliver the materials and modular sections of the house in the most efficient way.

We will then deliver the full groundworks on site for you following our agreed strategy and managing all the interfaces. This leaves you free to concentrate on the next stage of the project.

Finally we will provide a comprehensive handover for our package of works which will enable follow on the trades to commence seamlessly without delay.

By following this proactive and hassle free approach WRC-UK seek to delivery every time on their promise to provide superior client service and quality construction work.

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